LUME PAD The World’s First
3D Lightfield Tablet
no eye-wear needed Tell your stories through
beautifully immersive imagery
"This new display is transforming a technology that’s been around for 100 years."
"That is just so amazing, and this story is so mind-blowing."
The World’s First
3D Lightfield Tablet
no eye-wear needed Tell your stories through beautifully immersive imagery
"This new display is transforming a technology that’s been around for 100 years"
"That is just so amazing, and this story is so mind-blowing."
“We are excited to introduce the Lume Pad to our customers as we bring next-generation digital experiences to the art and luxury markets.” Charles Stewart CEO, Sotheby's
“Taking depth on this screen into consideration advanced the way I captured images. It opened my mind to shooting images differently.” Jim Jannard Founder of Oakley and Red Digital Cinema
“‘Stunning!’ and ‘Surprisingly natural!’ is something we hear often from customers when we demonstrate our Lightfield natural 3D display.” Frank Rabe EVP, HMI, Continental AG
“We’re thrilled to have our best-in-industry content now deployed on Lume Pad […] and combine our services with Leia’s Lightfield technology.” Jordan Erickson Partner / New Business Development, Infuse Medical
Stop seeing,
start feeling!

At Leia, our purpose is to connect you emotionally to the digital world.

Our screens make memories more present. Connections, more human. Life, richer.

Our Lightfield technology is the natural evolution of media. Our platform gives you bold new ways to share moments, tell stories, delight customers.

Welcome to Lume Pad.

How the magic happens.

A breakthrough in nano design and manufacturing, our technology adds a single optical layer (DLB™) to a normal LCD display, giving it near-magical properties.

2D | 3D Switchable No compromise 4-View Lightfield Landscape / Portrait
Light rays project from the DLB™ layer through the pixels of the LCD panel, creating a dynamic 3D light field effect. Best of all: No glasses required.
The LCD panel now undergoes regular illumination through the transparent DLB™ layer, resulting in a high-resolution 2D mode.
2D | 3D Switchable No compromise 4-View Lightfield Landscape / Portrait

Unbox the future
Partner case study:
Infuse Medical
Andy Lewis Lead Unity Developer

How difficult is it to implement code so it works with Leia’s Lume Pad?

Brook Harker Partner / Creative Director

What kind of potential do you see for Leia’s Lightfield technology and the Lume Pad?

Jordan Erickson Partner / New Business Development

How much of a difference can using a Lume Pad make for education?

Danny Harker Creative Director

Can a Leia-powered Lume Pad really change an experience like looking at a 3D model?

James Norton Partner / CEO‪ ‬

What excites you the most about the Lume Pad for use in business?

Jordan Erickson Partner / New Business Development

How can you make your content stand out from the competition with Leia’s Lume Pad?

Create. Share. Enjoy.

Create original content with plugins supporting your tools or convert what you've made with ours. Go from 2D to 3D in a snap.

Share your creations. 3D pictures over our social network, Holopix. Stream 3D videos on LeiaStream or with other apps on LeiaLoft Store.

Experience stunning, interactive Lightfield content available on the LeiaLoft store, through our media player or model viewer.

Discover our apps
The tools you need. We are creators - like you - and we know what you need. We already support the creative tools you rely upon while always looking to add even more. Leia’s own Lightfield Studio video software takes all the guesswork out of converting your existing 2D content to gorgeous 3D. CREATE WITH LEIALOFT®
available tools
coming soon
Guided tour.
Photography and Cinematography Why stop at 2D? Now you can add even more depth and feeling to your art.
3D Graphics & Games Bring your 3D models, animations, and experiences to life like never before.
Digital Retail Customers will feel the content. experiencing textures, materials, and lights.
A passion for “Making Magic.”

"When we combined a breakthrough in nanotechnology with the power of computer vision and AI, we knew we were onto something. The Lume Pad is a part of that vision. It unleashes a whole new world of creative possibilities.
We hope that you'll join us for it."

David Fattal, Zhen Peng, Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux
Founders, Leia Inc.

We have answers!

From creating and sharing Lightfield content - to simply enjoying what’s available, The Lume pad comes pre-installed with a number of handy apps.

LeiaCam is where it all starts. Take high quality pictures and video in 3D and Lightfield-compatible format.

LeiaPlayer is your Lightfield content creation hub on the Lume Pad. From here, visualize lightfield pictures and videos, convert 2D pictures to 3D and perform stunning depth-based edits including relighting and style transfer.

LeiaViewer welcomes you to your own, personal Lightfield content museum. Interact with 3D models and 360-degree product shots. Maybe it’ll inspire you to create an exhibit or two.

LeiaPix is the largest social network dedicated to the sharing of 3D pictures and it’s right at your fingertips, ready to run with loads of great content getting uploaded, daily.

LeiaStream, our new service for sharing — and streaming — lightfield videos.

The LeiaLoft Store offers Lightfield apps and games created by the community!

We are constantly improving the technology behind our screens. The Lume Pad features our 2nd-generation Lightfield display, taking the immersive feel to a whole new level.

It’s also the biggest display commercialized by Leia to date. The 10.8-inch screen delivers stunning, immersive experiences right in the palm of your hands.
On top of that, we’ve made improvements to the brightness and physical Lightfield design for an optimum viewing comfort. In short, better viewing angles and easier to see the effect.

Yes! Thanks to third-party apps like Duet, you can connect the Lume Pad into your workstation and extend your workspace.

We are working on supporting live 3D preview from select 3D environments such as Unity or Blender — we will update the list as it becomes available.

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