Much more than Play.

A 3D photo touch-up, right at your fingertips. This tool lies at the heart of the Lume Pad’s 3D photography experience. LeiaPlayer gives novice and expert photographers the power to view, edit, and manage your masterpieces.

Shape your shots.

Change the depth, focus, and bokeh with a slider to select just how pronounced your subject stands out from the screen.

Easily change up the colors or even experiment with surprising little pops of color. Or mix up your style. Layer on preset image Style Filters, which renders different artistic formats onto your picture.

Relighting takes your 3D photos and gives different color and lighting angles for pictures.

Give 2D images some depth.

Breathe 3D life into the old 2D images you already have, thanks to a quick, built-in 3D conversion function.

To share with people who don’t have Lightfield-ready screens, a GIF export function, simulates a 3D effect easily visible on 2D screens.

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