Broadcast videos to new depths.

A 4V and 3D video content network built from the ground up to display videos like you’ve never seen them before — leaping off the screen with no glasses required. LeiaStream, Leia’s new video network, is built specifically for everything you create.We are building it to be the perfect venue to share your 3D visions with the world.

Streaming Lightfield and more.

Whether it's a 4V video shot on a Lume Pad or even a video converted to 3D with Leia’s Lightfield Studio software, Leiastream plays it. Stream SBS 3D videos (with both H4V and MP4 file extensions) and see your work take on new life.

A growing network.

LeiaStream allows users to download their favorite videos to enjoy later. And, as we continue to bring the network online, more features are planned. For now, though, start uploading your content with our growing network of active 3D content creators.

Lume Pad


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